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cold forming

Cold-Form Manufacturing

Cold-Form Manufacturing
cold forming

Have You Heard These Benefits of Cold Forming Steel Fasteners?

One method of manufacturing steel fasteners stands out for its efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness:...

Cold-Form Manufacturing

Rolled Threads vs. Cut Threads

Generally speaking, there are two main methods of producing external threads on a fastener:...

Cold-Form Manufacturing
M5 & M8 Military bolts

What Do Screw and Bolt Head Markings Mean?

If you’ve ever spent time looking at different screw and bolt heads, you’ve probably...

Cold-Form Manufacturing
Various Head Markings

Understanding a Few Common ASTM Inch-Series Bolt Grade Markings

Understanding a Few Common ASTM Inch-Series Bolt Grade Markings While SAE J429 Grades 2,...

Cold-Form Manufacturing
Metric Head Markings

Understanding Metric Bolt and Screw Grades (and Head Markings)

We’ve talked about how to use head markings to determine the different grades and...

Cold-Form Manufacturing

Proof Load, Yield Strength, and Tensile Strength of Fasteners

In the fastener world, you’ll often hear terms like proof load, yield strength, and...


The Difference Between ISO and IATF Certifications

If you poke around a few industrial websites, you’ll begin to notice plenty of...

Cold-Form Manufacturing

What is Hardenability? Different Steel Grades and Hardenability

Hardenability of steel is the ability of the steel to achieve a hardness value...