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Wheel Stud and Wheel Bolt

Joseph Pinchback

Custom Bolts
Wheel Stud and Wheel Bolt

What’s the Difference Between a Wheel Stud and a Wheel Bolt?

Most wheels are attached to vehicles using either wheel studs or wheel bolts. So...

Special Fasteners
Oil and Gas Fastener

Fasteners for Oil and Gas Applications

The oil and gas industry is full of rugged environments and heavy-duty machinery, all...

Special Fasteners

What Are Stud Fasteners? Everything You Need to Know

We’ve talked a lot about screws, and we’ve talked a lot about bolts. But...

Special Fasteners
Course and Fine Threads

Types of Fastener Threads

Threads are an essential component of many fasteners. They are how fasteners work to...

Custom Bolts

A Guide to Fastener Terminology

Trying to determine the right fastener for your application, but getting lost in all...

Custom Screws

How to Measure Screws

Screws are externally threaded fasteners designed to be inserted into holes in assembled parts,...

Special Fasteners
Made in America

What Are MS Fasteners?

At Wilson-Garner, we manufacture a long list of specialty fasteners, which are used for...

Custom Bolts
Various Head Markings

Different Bolt Grades and Their Applications

We’ve talked about bolt grades in some of our past articles — but, just like...

Special Fasteners

Common Types of Automotive Fasteners

If you work in the automotive industry, you know how important choosing the right...

Cold-Form Manufacturing

Rolled Threads vs. Cut Threads

Generally speaking, there are two main methods of producing external threads on a fastener:...