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cold forming

Joseph Pinchback

Cold-Form Manufacturing
cold forming

Have You Heard These Benefits of Cold Forming Steel Fasteners?

One method of manufacturing steel fasteners stands out for its efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness:...

different types of screw drives

Comparing Different Types of Screw Drives

The seemingly straightforward act of fastening hinges on a crucial detail: the screw drive....

Special Fasteners
How to Calculate Fastener Torque

How to Calculate Fastener Torque

At the heart of what makes fasteners reliable and resilient is the concept of...

Custom Bolts
bolts loosening due to vibration

Bolts Loosening Due to Vibration? Here’s What You Can Do

Bolts may seem like small components in the grand scheme of machinery and structures,...

From Raw Material to Finished Product: How Is a Screw Made?

From Raw Material to Finished Product: How Is a Screw Made?

Screws are ubiquitous in our everyday lives, used in everything from assembling furniture to...

when to use washers

To Washer or Not to Washer: A Guide to Making the Right Fastener Decision

There are thousands of fasteners manufactured every day, all used for a variety of...

Custom Bolts
hex flange blank

How Strong Are Grade 8 Bolts?

Few fasteners can match the strength and reliability of Grade 8 bolts. For that...

Custom Screws
a close up look at the anatomy of a screw

A Close-Up Look at the Anatomy of a Screw

Whatever your engineering or manufacturing application is, it’s likely that you’re well-acquainted with screws...

Test Products
General Motors test bolts

A Mini Guide to GM Test Bolts: Types, Uses, and Where to Buy

Test bolts play a critical role in the design and development of mechanical systems....

Isolated bolts on a white background

What Is a Bolt? The Ultimate Guide to Bolt Types, Grades, Manufacturing, and More

Bolts are an essential component in the manufacturing and engineering industries. From the intricate...