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Wilson Garner

Your #1 Source for Limited-Run Bolts, Screws, & Studs

With over 60 years of experience, Wilson-Garner is your trusted global supplier of American-made specialty fasteners for any application. We manufacture the non-standard bolts, screws, and studs you need for your project.

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We specialize in the limited-run production of cold-formed, externally-threaded fasteners made from carbon or alloy steel. Our production process ensures you get exactly the per spec fastener you need, the first time.

Product Note

We have become aware of some part number errors and omissions in the new MS35764 Revision G. Some part numbers have different dimensions than their Revision F counterparts, and some part numbers found in Revision F are omitted entirely from Revision G. Please double check to ensure that the part number listed in Revision G is actually the part that you want. If you cannot find the part number in Revision G, we are happy to quote to Revision F.



Self-locking bolts available in any size and in any quantity.


Special Fasteners

Limited-run quantities of non-standard fasteners are our specialty.

military products

Military Products

Non-standard bolts, screws, and studs perfect for military service.



Limited-run quantities of per spec screws, made right the first time.


Customer-specified carbon or alloy steel studs manufactured in small quantities.

wheel studs

Wheel Studs

The strength and durability you need from cold-formed wheel studs.

Test Products

Whether you’re looking for a manufacturer-specific or per-blueprint product, Wilson-Garner supplies test bolts, nuts, and washers for torque-tension and bearing surface testing of locknuts, coatings, and adhesive patches. All products are American-made, certified, and completely traceable by lot, and can be manufactured to meet testing specifications of top brands like Ford, General Motors, John Deere, Chrysler, and more.

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Industries Served

Wilson-Garner Company specializes in limited-run quantities of hard-to-find parts for a range of industries, including:



Proudly serving the automotive industry for 70 years and counting.


Oil & Gas

Per spec fasteners that stand up to rugged oil & gas environments.



Serving direct-to-military and military suppliers with QLSM approved parts.


Heavy Machinery

The durable special fasteners you need for your heavy machinery applications.

Helpful Resources

Have questions about special fasteners, the manufacturing process, or industry-specific solutions? Get answers.


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