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Wilson-Garner Self-Locking Place Bolts

Vibration causes fasteners to loosen over time, a process that’s not only dangerous but also costly. Every time someone has to check and re-tighten bolts you lose time and money. Wilson-Garner’s American-made, self-locking place bolts save both by resisting vibrational loosening up to 7x better than conventional hex head cap screws.

Ideal for any application where vibration threatens to loosen traditional bolts or screws, our place bolts are used in military and commercial engineering standards for applications like flywheels, cylinder heads, ring gears, flexplates, compressor mountings, transmission covers, and even oil rig mud pumps. No matter your application, Wilson-Garner’s self-locking, free-spinning bolts are manufactured to your blueprints or specifications, in any quantity you need.

Product Features:
Cold-Formed | One Piece | All Metal | Self Locking | Free Spinning | Reusable | American-Made

Learn more about how place bolts work by reading our blog entry or American Fastener Journal Article.

Asymmetric Place Bolts

Wilson-Garner got its first US Patent on our asymmetric place bolt, which was then approved by the US Department of Defense. We know self-locking and asymmetric place bolts, and we have decades of experience manufacturing them according to unique customer requirements.

Wilson-Garner American-made asymmetric bolts are available in two series: 

  • Type B – features conventionally-sized hexagon head
  • Type BH – features an oversized hexagon head for even stronger locking action 

Product Specifications

  • Carbon or Alloy Steel
  • Diameters from 1/4″ to 1″ or M8 to M20
    • Up to 5/16th diameter – Max length is 6”
    • 3/8th diameter or more – Max length of 8”
  • Head Types ‘AA’ ‘B’ and ‘BH’
  • Can accommodate: Place bolts in standard inch and metric sizes, specific customer blueprint or specs (like MS35764), and type AA six-slot bolts (upon request).


Wilson-Garner is certified to ISO 9001:2014 and IATF 16949:2016 and provides full electronic certifications free of charge for every lot of product we ship. Wondering about a particular certification or approval? Please see a complete list of our certificates and any relevant documentation below.

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