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Studs That Meet Your Specs

As a manufacturer of studs for commercial and military applications, Wilson-Garner develops limited-run quantities of non-standard studs. Every lot we run is manufactured to your unique specifications, so we can deliver the smaller quantities you need for service part and small production applications.

With more than 70 years of experience serving industrial applications, we know your industry and we understand your needs. We take on the small and mid-sized jobs that many large manufacturers won’t, opening the door for you to innovate, test, repair, and develop products with just the number of studs you need.

Limited-Run Quantities

The benefit of working with Wilson-Garner lies in our ability to manufacture customer-specified parts in limited-run quantities. Whether you need a handful of parts or tens of thousands of pieces, Wilson-Garner can help.

Product Specifications

  • Carbon or Alloy Steel
  • ¼” to 1-¼”, or M5-M30 diameter

Stud types:
Single end studs | Double end studs | Hex studs | Hex flange drive studs | Continuously threaded studs


Wilson-Garner is certified to ISO 9001:2014 and IATF 16949:2016 and provides full electronic certifications free of charge for every lot of product we ship. Wondering about a particular certification or approval? Please see a complete list of our certificates and any relevant documentation below.

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