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Standard Test Bolts

American-Made Torque-Tension & Bearing Surface Test Products

Wilson-Garner has manufactured test bolts and stocked nuts and washers for decades. With a number of test products in stock, and the capability to manufacture a wide range of cold-formed custom fasteners to your specifications, we are your experienced resource for torque-tension and bearing surface test products. Many OEMs have their own specifications for test products that must be performed by suppliers, so we proudly stock parts for General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and John Deere tests, as well as parts for tests based on ISO 16047.


Test Bolts

Wilson-Garner carries a variety of hex-head test bolts in stock for the torsion tension and bearing surface testing of locknuts, plating, and adhesive patches. We know that consistency is key when it comes to torque-tension testing, so we re-roll the threads on all of our test bolts after heat treat and surface finish to eliminate nicks or plating inconsistencies.

Every Wilson-Garner test bolt is American-made, traceable by lot, and certified in areas including material, property class, surface treatment, and statistical process control on threads. Our available stock test bolt sizes are listed below, but please note that Metric PC 12.9 bolts are also priced upon request.

Stock Test Bolts — Metric Sizes

SizesProperty Class (Grade)Finish
M6 thru M16PC 9.8 & 10.9Plain or Phos. and Oil

Stock Test Bolts — Imperial Sizes

SizesProperty Class (Grade)Finish
1/4″ thru 3/4″Grade 5 & 8Phos. and Oil

Other Available Test Bolt Sizes