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Our Commitment to Quality

Proudly Made in the USA

For over 50 years, we’ve manufactured all of our fasteners at our plant in Harrison Township, Michigan. Because we make our parts ourselves, we are confident in their quality — and our customers are too. Our American-made commitment also enables full lot traceability for every part and a more seamless, satisfying overall customer experience.

American made fasteners

The Latest in Industry Certifications

No matter which parts you purchase, you can be assured that they are compliant with industry-specific standards. We hold the following certifications:

ISO 9001:2015

An international quality management standard that states all the requirements for a company’s quality management system  (QMS).

ISO 17025:2017

A testing and calibration standard for laboratories that test, sample, or calibrate their own parts or other clients’ parts.

IATF 16949:2016

A quality management standard that provides consistent QMS requirements for automotive suppliers across the globe.

Thorough Inspection & Testing Process

Our inspection and testing process varies from lot to lot, depending on the unique specifications of each order. A typical process may feature the following steps:

First Piece/Last Piece Inspection

For each of our three main manufacturing processes (heading, trimming, rolling), we do a physical inspection of the first piece we run to make sure that whatever process we are doing results in quality parts. We then do another inspection on the last piece we run to make sure the parts haven’t drifted out of tolerance. These are dimensional inspections.

In-process Inspections

Depending on the total number of pieces, our machine operators pull a part once every X number of parts, then run and check it for key dimensional characteristics. This ensures we’re staying in tolerance.

Final Dimensional Inspection

When we’ve finished manufacturing, our parts are usually sent to an outside partner for heat treatment. When they come back, we randomly sample a certain number of parts (based on a sampling plan) and check them for all their dimensional requirements.

Hardness Verification, Proof Load, and Tensile Tests

After our final dimensional inspection, we check the parts’ hardness to make sure they’ve been heat-treated per requirements. This usually involves a core hardness and surface hardness test. This is also when we conduct proof load and tensile tests. If the parts fail any of these tests, we know something has gone wrong with the heat treatment process because the parts aren’t strong enough.

Outside Testing

Some parts require tests that we are unable to perform in-house, but we still complete them through external partners with ISO 17205:2017 certification. Some examples are magnetic particle inspections (MPIs), decarburization testing (decarb), grain flow testing, and stress durability testing. We wait for test results before moving the parts along.

Thread Check

From there, we send the parts to blast, which removes the heat treat scale that forms on the outside of the parts when they are heated. Once they are clean, it’s time to send the parts to plating or coating. When we get them back from plating/coating, we immediately check to see if the threads gauge. If they don’t we re-roll the parts.

Final Inspection

This is where we check everything one last time, verify the plating or coating, and put all of our quality documentation together to create what we call Objective Quality Evidence (OQE). This is the basis of our Certification Package that we send to every customer. It includes a certificate of conformance, dimensional measurements, mechanical test results, proof load and tensile test results, hardness test results, plating or coating certifications, and the results of any outside testing. 


Download a Sample Certification Package

High-Performance Materials

All of our fasteners are manufactured from high-quality alloy steel or carbon steel. We trust these materials to provide the best performance in a variety of applications. Should a part need additional strength or wear resistance, we work with external partners for heat treatment, coating, and plating.

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Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Our fasteners are subject to the Fastener Quality Act, which requires lot traceability and manufacturer head markings. If you notice any product defects or inconsistencies, you can easily trace them back to us, and we’ll be happy to fix or replace the part(s). As a family-owned business, we know that providing excellent, personal customer service is a large part of what sets us apart from the rest.

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