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Special Fasteners

Special Fasteners

Which Industries Use Specialty Fasteners?

There’s an abundance of fastener types out there — and when you add speciality...

Special Fasteners

What Are Place Bolts Used For?

Place bolts are just one of the many fasteners available, but they’re important ones....

Special Fasteners
Steel Screw Fasteners

5 Benefits of Short-Run Production

At Wilson-Garner, we pride ourselves on being a global supplier of specialty fasteners manufactured...

Special Fasteners

ISO Standards for Fasteners: Explained

Standards are a common set of guidelines and requirements created by manufacturers, OEMs, or...

Custom Bolts

How Many Types of Fasteners Are There?

Fasteners are pieces of hardware used to mechanically affix two or more objects together...

Special Fasteners

How to Manufacture Steel Bolts: 3 Different Methods

There are three common steel bolt manufacturing methods: cold forming, hot forging, and machining....

Special Fasteners

The Basics of External Threads – Threads Part 1

Threads are quite amazing when you stop to think about it. Yeah I know,...

Special Fasteners

Metric Threads – Threads Part 3

In Part 1 of our Threads Series, we provided some terminology and explained some of...

Special Fasteners

Core Hardness and Surface Hardness in Fasteners

The hardness of steel is a measure of the steel’s ability to resist deformation,...