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Square Head Screws

Square head screws are a reliable choice for sturdy and secure fastening. They feature a unique square-shaped head that provides increased torque and prevents slipping during installation. With added strength and durability from cold forming, our custom square head screws ensure reliable connections and long-lasting performance regardless of application.

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Our Square Head Screw Capabilities

To ensure great quality and consistency, we maintain a small list of fasteners that we can produce. View our custom square head screw manufacturing capabilities below. 

If you are unsure if we can make your part, please submit an RFQ or contact us.

Material Alloy steel, carbon steel
Diameter ¼” – 1-1/8” or M5 – M24
Length Diameters up to 5/16” = 6” max.;

Diameters ⅜” or more = 8” max.

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Square Head Screw Applications

Our square head screws are cold formed for elevated performance. While they can be used in many applications, we’ve most commonly made them for engineers and manufacturers in the construction, heavy machinery, marine, and automotive industries.


Wilson-Garner is certified to ISO 9001:2014 and IATF 16949:2016 and provides full electronic certifications free of charge for every lot of product we ship. Wondering about a particular certification or approval? Please see a complete list of our certificates and any relevant documentation below.

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