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Hex Flange Screws

Featuring a flange or washer-like base beneath the hexagonal head, hex flange screws offer increased load-bearing capacity and resistance to loosening, making them ideal for high-vibration environments. Whether you’re working on an automotive testing, industrial machinery, or specialty construction project, we can manufacture a per-spec solution that delivers unmatched quality and performance.

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Our Hex Flange Screw Capabilities

Our custom hex flange screw manufacturing capabilities are listed below. To ensure a high level of quality and reliability, we maintain a small list of fasteners that we can produce

If you’re unsure whether your part fits within our capabilities, please submit an RFQ or contact our team.

Material Alloy steel, carbon steel
Diameter ¼ – 1-1/8″ or M5 – M24
Length Diameters up to 5/16” = 6” max.; Diameters ⅜” or more = 8” max.

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Hex Flange Screw Applications

Our hex flange screws are typically used for demanding, high-vibration environments, especially in the automotive space. Automotive engineers like them because their flange can often be used in place of an additional washer. They can also be used in construction and machinery assembly applications.


Wilson-Garner is certified to ISO 9001:2014 and IATF 16949:2016 and provides full electronic certifications free of charge for every lot of product we ship. Wondering about a particular certification or approval? Please see a complete list of our certificates and any relevant documentation below.

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