Is Vibration Costing you Money?

Vibration causes fasteners to loosen over time.

Every time you have to check and re-tighten your bolts, you’re losing money. Our self-locking place bolts resist vibrational loosening up to 7¬†times better than conventional hex head cap screws.

These self-locking, free-spinning bolts most often appear in military and commercial engineering standards for applications like flywheels, cylinder heads, ring gears, flex plates, compressor mountings, and transmission covers. Our place bolts can also be found on oil rig mud pumps. Our self-locking bolts are ideal for any application where vibration threatens to loosen traditional bolts or screws.

Asymmetric place bolts are available in two series: Type B and Type BH. Type ‘B’ has a conventionally-sized hexagon head, while the ‘BH’ series features an oversize head for even stronger locking action.

These asymmetric locking bolts are formed with five varying width slots on the top of the head and a recess under the head. These slots, paired with the recess underneath, provide diaphragm-like self-locking action when the bolt is tightened. You can click on the button below for more information.

We can make place bolts in standard inch and metric sizes, and we can manufacture to specific customer blueprints or specifications such as MS35764. We also manufacture the obsolete type ‘AA’ six slot bolts upon request.

Our place bolts are:

  • Cold Formed
  • One Piece
  • All Metal
  • Self Locking
  • Free Spinning
  • Reusable
  • American Made

Contact us, and we can help make vibrational loosening and its costly maintenance one less thing for you to worry about.

A Pile of 'B' Place Bolts Manufactured by Wilson-Garner Company

B Place Bolt with Standard Size Head

Type ‘B’
Conventional Hexagon Size

BH Place Bolt with Larger Head

Type ‘BH’
Larger Head Size for Stronger Locking Action

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