Test Products for Your John Deere Testing Needs

Wilson-Garner regularly manufactures Test Bolts and stocks Test Nuts and Test Washers suitable for torque-tension testing based on John Deere’s Engineering Standard JDM F15. Per the spec, our parts conform to ISO 16047 and ISO 4014. Test products need to be uniform from test to test, so we hold ourselves to exacting quality standards to ensure that you get consistent testing results time after time. In addition, based on customer feedback, we re-roll the threads on all of our test bolts after heat treat and surface finish to eliminate nicks or plating inconsistencies.. You can look at the charts below to see part number requirements for JDM F15. You can click on the part numbers for more information, or click here to request a quote.

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Torque/Tension Certification Testing per John Deere JDM F15

Available From Stock

Test Bolt
Part Number
Test Nut
Part Number
Test Washer
Part Number
HHM10150060-WZ102 11611982 NPN4
M10X1.50X60MM PC10.9 Plain Finish  M10X1.50 Class 10 Nut Plain Finish M10 Square Hardened Washer Plain Finish