Automotive Production & Service Parts

We’ve been serving the auto industry for over 60 years. Whether you need thousands of parts for a production run or a handful of parts for a service application, we’ve got you covered. Learn more about how Wilson-Garner can meet your needs.


Military Bolts, Screws, & Studs

Wilson-Garner Company is a QLSM approved manufacturer of class 2 and 3 fasteners. Our cage code is 7E548. We supply fasteners directly to the military as well as to military suppliers. We specialize in short run quantities of hard to find parts. Need a specific part? Submit a RFQ, and we’ll be happy to provide a quote.

blankAutomotive Torque-Tension Testing

If you’re in the business of making fasteners or coatings for the automotive industry, then you’re surely familiar with OEM-mandated torque-tension tests. Wilson-Garner is your home for all your testing supplies. We stock parts for GM, Ford, Chrysler, USCAR, and John Deere testing specs. Check out our Test Products Page for more information.

Oil-and-GasOil & Gas

An oil rig or refinery can be a tough environment for a bolt. We have experience with providing fastening solutions for companies in the oil & gas industry. We’re particularly proud of our ‘BH’ Place Bolt, which features a self-locking head that resists vibrational loosening. Contact us and find out how we can help you.


Off-Road Construction Vehicles

Wilson-Garner has built parts for off-road construction vehicles, including wheel bolts for heavy duty mining equipment. We can manufacture bolts up to 1-1/2 inches in diameter to meet your needs. Can we help you? Request a Quote and find out.

Heavy-TruckHeavy Truck & Agriculture

Wilson-Garner is well equipped to supply the Heavy Truck & Agricultural industries with a wide variety of bolts and studs. Our short run capabilities make us an ideal supplier of service parts. Contact us for more information.

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