Test Products for Your Chrysler Torque-Tension Testing Needs

Wilson-Garner regularly manufactures Test Bolts and stocks Test Nuts and Test Washers for use in torque-tension tests based on Chrylser Engineering Standards:

  • PS-5873
  • PS-7902
  • PS-9666

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Chrysler Test Bolts, Nuts, & Washer Diagram

Test Bolt
Part Number
Test Nut
Part Number
Coupon (Test Washer)
Part Number
6101277 6101909 SFM010SC
M10 x 1.50 x 65MM

Grade 10.9 Plain Finish

Screw & Washer Assembly

M10 x 1.50

Type EE Hex Weld Nut

Plain Finish

M10 x 1.50 Plain Finish

Square Test Washer

No Heat Treat

6101277 Chrysler Test Bolt
6101909 Chrysler Test Nut
SFM010SC Chrysler Test Washer