Test Products for Your Chrysler Torque-Tension Testing Needs

Wilson-Garner Company regularly manufactures Test Bolts and stocks Test Nuts and Test Washers for use in torque-tension tests based on Chrysler Engineering Standards:

  • PS-5873
  • PS-7902
  • PS-9666

Test products need to be uniform from test to test, so we hold ourselves to exacting quality standards to ensure that you get consistent testing results time after time. You can look at the charts below to see part number requirements. You can click on the part numbers for more information, or click here to request a quote.

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Chrysler Test Bolts, Nuts, & Washer Diagram

Test Bolt
Part Number
Test Nut
Part Number
Coupon (Test Washer)
Part Number
6101277 6101909 SFM010SC
M10 x 1.50 x 65mm
Grade 10.9 Plain Finish
Screw & Washer Assembly
M10 x 1.50
Type EE Hex Weld Nut
Plain Finish
M10 Plain Finish
Square Test Washer
No Heat Treat
6101277 Chrysler Test Bolt
6101909 Chrysler Test Nut
SFM010SC Chrysler Test Washer